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Bus 911

By Perry Wolfman - 08/10/2016

Let me tell you, that mix did not disappoint. Delicious! 

By Perry Wolfman - 08/10/2016

I drank a fruit blend of banana, passion fruit, and possibly a third fruit which sent my taste buds on vacation. 

By Daniel Zimmerman - 08/08/2016

Through the works of the street artists, a counterculture and its domain for political discourse is revealed.

By Perry Wolfman - 08/08/2016

Advice from the glass blower in Tsfat: find your spark and continue to breathe your own life and creativity into it. 

By Perry Wolfman - 08/04/2016

After a delicious lunch, we headed off to a mountain that turned out to be an active volcano!!!

By Perry Wolfman - 08/03/2016

It was a great bonding experience getting ready to embark on this journey together.

By Shorashim - 07/05/2016

Get to know your #Birthright Israel #Shorashim Staff!

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