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Bus 525

By Bus 525 - 08/23/2016

I have never felt so much love from people I had only known for 10 days.

By Jordan Segal - 08/18/2016

Walking through a dark hall remembering the fallen children of Holocaust, we emerged from the other side to the land of hope that is Israel.

By Lindsay Singer - 08/18/2016

Today's events were both special and eye opening for everyone on Bus 525. 

By Corinne Weinstraub - 08/16/2016

A haiku blog post for Tel Aviv

By Reuben Wolf - 08/15/2016

Today was a day of connecting. Whether it was connecting with yourself in a yoga session or finally feeling connected to Judaism by taking that next step as a Bar Mitzvah. And why not? We spent the first few days getting to know each other: Shorashim, building the roots that are connected to the growing tree that is this new Shorashim family. This trip can only get better and deeper in the land that connects all of us to our Jewish roots.

By Chase Frankel - 08/15/2016

This has was a powerful moment as we have gone our entire lives seeing pictures of the holy city. Now we were finally here.

By Rebecca Farina - 08/12/2016

For many of us on this trip, this challenge turned into a life-changing accomplishment that will be remembered forever.

By Joshua Cartwright - 08/11/2016

These were all great bonding activities, but my favorite part of the day by far was visiting Mt. Bental at the Golan Heights.

By Shorashim - 08/05/2016

Get to know your #Birthright Israel #Shorashim Staff!

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