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Cliffs and Kabbalah - June 10th

By Catherine Mura

Bus 557 embarked on a fantastic adventure on this beautiful Wednesday to Mount Arbel for a three mile, intensive hike along the cliffs. This activity proved to forge strong bonds between members of the group, as they all had to work together and trust each other as they navigated the steep trails. While the group was supposed to travel closely, several smaller groups banded together at their own comfort levels, and worked to help each other, especially those struggling with a fear of heights. The views were breathtaking, and the bonds between the group unbreakable.

Following the hike, 557 had the opportunity to travel to Tzfat, where they learned about Kabbalistic art and spirituality. Lunch was also had in Tzfat, and the opportunity to shop and interact with other birthright groups presented itself. Many members left Tzfat with art, jewelry, and a taste for new foods.

The day was finished off with a fantastic rafting trip down the Jordan River. Teamwork was necessary for this activity, as guiding the raft required the work of several people. While some people did find themselves neck deep in the Jordan River, it was a fun and exciting adventure for all involved - as well as a fantastic work out for those paddling.

All in all it was a truly remarkable day in Israel, leaving the group exhausted and excited, while growing even closer.

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