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Better Together


Shorashim has always been about bringing people together & is dedicated to building bridges. In this time of "social distancing," we are continuing to find ways to achieve these goals.

Through our vision - #BetterTogether - we're continuing to bring people together. 

Since we can't do it physically, we are doing this virtually. We haven't stopped & we will not stop - we're here to bring some positivity to our ever growing Shorashim family & community. 

We've created a place where people can meet each other, share ideas, feelings, experiences, talents, & who they are - #BetterTogether. 



We launched our #BetterTogether campaign to stay committed to our mission & to all of our alumni, friends, & family.

Check out some of the virtual programming we are doing, so that we can all be #BetterTogether:

Let's Reconnect

Continued Training Block - Better Together
Cooking Block Better TogetherHolocaust Education Block Better Together
Live Music Block Better Together
Zoom Bus Reunions Block Better TogetherWellness Block Better Together

Our programming, which is linked in the buttons above, is customized to a variety of interests, needs, & schedules to be able to connect with our friends in Israel & North America.

From Zoom Birthright Israel Bus Reunions, live music, & cooking demonstrations to wellness & mindfulness sessions/classes, continued training, & Holocaust education, we have already introduced many programs and initiatives, that can be found on our Facebook Live, Instagram Live, & YouTube Page, where you can subscribe & not miss a thing. 


Check out our upcoming events and initatives by clicking on the link above.

Here are some of the events that we are cosponsoring / are being run by our partner organizations.


Our programming will continue to evolve - so don't miss out on what's to come:




Do you have something that you would like to bring to this or that you think is missing? Share with us & help us continue to be #BetterTogether


Disclaimer: The #BetterTogether program is designed as a platform for sharing ideas and activities.  Shorashim is not responsible for the ideas and thoughts expressed, the content provided, or the safety of any activities modeled during #BetterTogether programs.  Consult a doctor or medical professional prior to engaging in any physical activities, and ensure adult supervision of any children participating in activities.
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