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Zoom Bus Reunions


We're partnering with trip staff to provide an opportunity for the community we've built together. Bring back the moments, memories, & more by virtually reconnecting. Check out the first round of buses chosen for this awesome opportunity:

Upcoming Virtual Bus Reunions:

  • Thursday, June 25 at 11 am ET/10 am CT: Bus 26 (Summer 2019)

Stay tuned for more to come.

Want to get a head start on your virtual reunion? Enter your info & we'll get in touch to help you coordinate!

Past Virtual Bus Reunions:

We have hosted 45+ reunions in the past 10 weeks - check out some of the highlights below:

Bus 221 (Winter 2019/2020)

"These days we are staying at home without physical meetings with our friends, family members and Colleagues. We communicate thanks to the booming technology. Yesterday, our BirthRight group made a virtual conversation for the first time. We shared memories from our tour and thoughts about the situation. We were all divided by many screens, hundreds and even thousands of kilometers far from each other. But, it seemed to feel closer, as a result of the conversation atmosphere. It is important these days to think about our common denominator that makes us strong and united Jewish community no matter where we are." Ori Rotem, Israeli Participant

Bus 221 Bus Reunion over Zoom Screenshot     

Bus 86 (Winter 2019/2020)

"Opening the camera at 10 pm and wait, will they come?All virtual pressure passed as soon as 35 excited faces appeared divided into squares on the computer screen. We came to life together, asked what sounded from both ends of the world, realized how much we really missed and even took a group picture! Thank you for the opportunity to be together again and take part in this community journey from the bus to the computer" - Liz Rachits, Israeli Participant 

Bus 86 Bus Reunion over zoom screenshot

Bus 114 (Winter 2019/2020)

"it was pretty cool. Many trips talk about doing a reunion of sorts, but never follow through. In a time where everyone is feeling a little isolated and anxious about the future, it’s amazing that a group of people who traveled to Israel together for 10 days would reunite to share stories, laugh, and return to a sense of normalcy with each other." - Alec Deer, North American Staff

Bus 114 Bus Reunion over zoom screenshot Bus 114 Screenshot Zoom Bus Reunion

Bus 248 (Winter 2019/2020)

"When we have a bad day, 14 bad days, or even more... the thing that we want to do the most is to feel we are not alone,and to share. Well, the last hour was definitely my today's highlight! This is why we have communities. This is why I do what I do. Every winter and summer, I have the honor to build a new community with both Israelies and Americans. We share a funny and beautiful time, but the most important- a hard time too. And what a better time we have to reunion and feel a part from something bigger? This is a weird & uneasy time for all of us... share it with someone (even if it's virtual)." - Lior Shemesh

Bus 248 Zoom Reunion Screenshot Bus 248 Zoom Bus Reunion Screenshot

Bus 1110 (Summer 2019)

Bus 1110 Reunion Zoom Screenshots

Bus 19 (Winter 2019/2020)

"Having an online reunion was really great. Because the world is a bit hectic right now, having the reunion really helps you take your mind off of things. Seeing everybody and seeing how strongly everybody bonded during our trip was incredible." - Erez Vernikov


 Bus 19 Zoom Reunion Screenshot Bus 19 Shorashim Zoom Reunion 2

 Bus 19 Reunion Screenshot Birthright Israel Shorashim

Bus 379 (Summer 2019)

Bus 379 Summer 2019 Birthright Israel Reunion  Bus 379 Summer 2019 Shorashim Birthright Israel Zoom Reunion

Bus 166 (Winter 2019/2020)

"Allowing everyone to share what's going on during this time, a bit like a support group. Some people are still in touch with me, at first they were a little embarrassed on the call, me too, but because we all be there together it was great...really cute idea. It was fun." -Adi Oz, Israeli Participant

Bus 166 Reunion zoom Birthright Israel

Bus 541 (Summer 2019)

These days of uncertainty prove to us that stability and strength will come from our ability to unite. Of all the establishments I have taken part in, Birthright Israel is the most ambitious, effective, and successful of all in connecting people and creating communities. With Shorashim, I found a home and community, and this community is reborn every time a birthright group arrives... That group becomes a community and joins the growing living tree. Last night, I was fortunate to reunite with the Bus#541 family. Together, we shared our experiences, we laughed, we felt, we learned together, and most of all we were grateful for the opportunity to be one and feel one out there in the world of confusion and separation. Better together!" - Yonatan Rozen, Tour Educator

Birthright Israel Zoom Reunion Shorashim Bus 541 Summer 2019

Bus 653 (Summer 2019)

"I will choose the word ruach which means wind, which is the weather here in Israel. But in Hebrew, ruach also means spirit. I believe after seeing you here after all this time helps our spirit." - Israel Participant

Bus 379 Birthright Israel Reunion Screenshot  Bus 379 Birthright Israel Shorashim Reunion Zoom

Bus 628 (Summer 2019)

“Shorashim gave me the experience of a lifetime last summer and now I'm so grateful that they're continuing their quest by keeping us connected during these crazy times. The friends we've made are truly sustaining us and I, for one, could not be more thankful for Shorashim's support" - Jackie Hart, North American Participant

Birthright Israel Bus 628 Zoom Reunion Screenshot

Bus 63 (Winter 2019/20120)

"Through this difficult time, we found a safe place. We shared our fears, we shared our memories from the trip, and most importantly, we shared what we mean to each other!  Even though we're far apart  - we're yet so close. Thank you, Shorashim, for letting us live this opportunity, to reunite, even though times are tough, crazy, and confusing ,and for bringing us all back together. In two weeks, I'll be celebrating my 23 birthday and I couldn't wish for a better gift than zooming again!" - Shaked Atsmon, Israeli participant
Bus 63 Birthright Israel Screenshot

Bus 460 (Summer 2019)

It was my pleasure to meet..again, to catch up, reminisce on memories, to laugh, and to sympathize with one another about this very strange time that we're all going through.I wish you all the best and I can't wait to see you in our next Zoom call .And when all of this is over, we are always here waiting for you!" - Noa Kedar, Tour Educator

Bus 223 (Winter 2018/2019)

When I was in my military service. I went to Birthright...and had the best time ever. I got to know amazing people who help me realize what beautiful country we have. hese past few weeks, all of us had to deal with huge changes and it wasn’t easy. Shorashim reach out to our bus chat group and offer us the opportunity to talk about this difficult time in ZOOM. Besides it was great to hear everyone is healthy and taking care of themselves, in this conversation we talked about what our thoughts about this virus and what we do to past the time and it was great to look past these beautiful memories of our trip together."-Shahar Ben Kimon, Israeli Participant

Bus 355 (Summer 2019)

"It was really nice to see you all again. Each of us has shared something positive that he is grateful for. Without a doubt, the conversation brought me optimism, something important during this times!" -Sheli Sela, Israeli participant

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