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Time in the Negev

Hey moms and dads! We woke up at the Bedouin village after a beautiful night of stargazing and dancing and playing music. First thing in the morning, we took a nice morning camel ride around the outside of the camp. The desert was barren and beautiful. The camels were basically just lumpy horses.

Retreating from the desert heat, we bussed to an expansive oasis for another incredible hike. Seeing that much life in the middle of what seemed so dead and unforgiving was awe-inspiring.

Following the hike, we headed to a farm that highlights the unique techniques used by Israelis in order to grow fruits and vegetables in the desert. It served as a great example of just how nurturing the desert can be when approached with ingenuity and tenderness.

Finally, we drove out towards the Dead Sea to our hotel in the shadow of Masada. We had an early day tomorrow and called it an early night.

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