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FAQ - Safety & Security


  • Our program is approved with the "situation room", administered by the Israeli Ministry of Education, who is in contact with the military, & police. They issue specific guidelines as to where it is safe to travel & the best routes to use.
  • Changes in itinerary are made, if necessary, due to weather or security-related concerns.
  • Each group is accompanied by a licensed security escort/trained first aid.
  • Groups travel with cellular phones & a GPS (Global Positioning System) app, so that "situation room" is aware of each group's location.
  • Travel by public transportation is not allowed.
  • All participants have a security orientation upon arrival in Israel, which includes travel safety tips & free time guidelines.
  • A 24-hour emergency number in Israel to use in the event of a family emergency or crisis at home will be sent to participants along with trip itineraries.

Medical Issues

  • All participants are responsible for having insurance that covers them while in Israel.
  • Shorashim offers limited, secondary medical insurance from an Israeli HMO while on the ground in Israel, but participants must have or purchase existing medical coverage that provides for coverage in Israel. The insurance provided by Shorashim does not cover pre-existing conditions, follow-up treatment, psychiatric conditions or illness cause by drug/alcohol use or abuse. Participants should contact their local insurance carrier to understand their coverage overseas & to confirm reimbursement policies.
  • Shorashim will not be responsible for any pre-exisiting conditions or any medicial conditions during the trip.
  • Participants should consult with their physician regarding any existing medical conditions.
  • Necessary medication should be brought for the entire trip, along with a copy of the prescription.
  • Participants must indicate all medication currently prescribed, ongoing treatments, & any medical issues that are relevant to a program in their Shorashim applicatton & interview
  • Shorashim may require additional medical forms, including a doctor's note &/or waivers, due to any conditions or medical history.
  • If Shorashim determines that, for any reason, an applicant is not fit to participate in the Birthright Israel program, it is at our total discretion to deny the application.

We ask our participants to abide by common sense travel tips, so that their trip to Israel can be both safe & memorable.

General Travel Tips:

  • Make a copy of your passport & keep it with you.
  • Store your passport & important travel information in a safe place, like a safe in your hotel.
  • Keep cameras inside a secure bag.
  • Travel light as the groups move around a lot & you will be less likely to lose or forget something.
  • Do not leave any packages or bags unattended. 
  • Participants are not allowed to have anyone enter the room besides the assigned roommates
  • Make sure to pack all prescription & over-the-counter medications in your carry-on bag.

Anyone who leaves the group without prior approval will immediately be removed from the program & forfeit his/her deposit.

Please keep in mind that all information below is directly from Birthright Israel.

Will any Birthright Israel trips be affected by the Coronavirus outbreak?

Birthright Israel is in close contact with Israel’s Ministry of Health regarding the Coronavirus on a daily basis. Currently, Israel’s Ministry of Health has implemented entry restrictions for all travelers which now includes a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all those arriving as of 7 pm March 9, 2020. Birthright Israel trips scheduled for May & June have been postponed.  

All summer season trips scheduled to begin in July are continuing as planned pending the mandatory 14-day quarantine for international travelers be lifted. Should changes be necessary, we will notify the participants accordingly

What happens if Birthright Israel decides to cancel my trip to Israel due to the Coronavirus?

In the event that your trip is cancelled due to the Coronavirus, you will be offered the opportunity to change your trip date this summer, carry over your deposit to the next winter or summer season or receive a refund, whichever you prefer.

Until when can I decide to change my mind about traveling if my trip is in July to September?

Birthright Israel allows you to cancel off a confirmed trip at least 65 days before departure without incurring any loss of your deposit. Due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus we have extended the cancellation deadline (until further notice) to 35 days before your scheduled departure for July to September trips. If you change your mind 35 days or more before your scheduled flight, all you need to do is inform us (Shorashim) in writing and ask for a refund of your deposit or that it be carried over to the winter or next summer season.

What if I change my mind a few days before the trip and don’t feel it is safe to travel?

If you change your mind after the above deadline has passed (depending on your travel date), and all trips are happening as planned, your deposit will not be refunded. 

What if I ordered a domestic flight?

Due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus, you are encouraged to purchase domestics flights with flexible cancellation policies. Birthright Israel & Shorashim will not compensate any domestic flight costs in the event your trip is cancelled.

Can I extend my flight?

For the summer season, flights from July until September are as scheduled, however, Birthright Israel will not be accepting flight extension requests until further notice.

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