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Big News - Pre-registration for winter 2019/2020 is officially open.

The best way to help us help you is to follow the easy steps below to get priority status & one step closer to your adventure across the world.

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Step One
Start Planning
Your Options
Check out our trip dates & trip options to get a general idea of the ideal time of year, type of trip, & departure cities for you!
Your Crew
Whether you’re starting off solo, traveling with your entire squad, or somewhere in between, we’re here to help you explore more!
Your Questions
Call us at (312) 267-0677, email us or chat with us. We're here to help you through this process!
Step Two
Sign Up For Priority Status
When registration is closed, as it is right now, you have the chance to get priority status by pre-registering for one of the next two seasons!
By pre-registering, you can fill out your application before the general public does! It's non-committal, so beat the rush & increase your chances of getting placed on a top trip choice!
Get priority status by pre-registering for your Birthright Israel application with Shorashim!!


Don't be the one who misses out - if you are thinking of traveling this winter, make sure to complete your Birthright Israel application, fill out your Shorashim application, & call in for your phone interview! Don't get left behind this winter - see it. feel it. LIVE IT.

Step Three
Birthright Israel Application
What You Need
You'll need to have an email address (not a .edu) & your Birthright Israel login or a Facebook.
Steps to Take
  • Indicate your top trip choice and fill out all required parts of the application.
  • Confirm your email.
  • Once registration opens, you will need to submit your time-sensitive, refundable $250 deposit via PayPal.
Step Four
Shorashim Application
What You Need
You'll need to have an idea of when you want to travel & what flexibility you have with dates throughout the season, along with a few minutes to fill out your application.
Steps to Take
  • Update the "Date & Friendship Request" section
  • Enter your relevant "Emergency Contact Information"
  • Fill out your "Medical & Background Information"
  • Call 312-267-0677 for your phone interview

Let's Go!

Start a Birthright Israel Application

Go to Your Shorashim Application

Next Steps & Tips

You are eligible to receive a conditional acceptance via email upon submitting your deposit once registration opens. In order to receive this, you must also complete your Birthright Israel application, Shorashim application, & your phone interview. Please note that your trip acceptance will be conditional until you receive a second email from us confirming that you are approved for travel.

To increase your chances of being placed on one of your top trip choices, it is important to complete these steps as soon as possible. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND completing the entire pre-registration process as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about this process, we're here to help you! Just call us at (312) 267-0677 or email us at

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