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Staffing a Trip



You are a leader, role model, & team player; you’re accustomed to working hard, being flexible, & going above & beyond to make any experience the best.


You are at least 23 years old & are mature. If you are under the age of 25, you have completed college &/or have lived in Israel.


You are charismatic & an extrovert – you get your energy from being around people & are excited to be a facilitator of immersive experiences.

Israel Experience

You have spent significant time in Israel on organized program(s) &/or on your own. You’ve participated in an Israel experience other than your Birthright Israel trip.

Education & Engagement

You’re an educator, facilitator, & relationship-builder. You establish clear boundaries; you’re an expert in creating connections while helping people grow.


You are actively involved in your Jewish community in the way(s) that make sense to you & coincide with your beliefs & values.

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