Trinity | Shorashim - Israel with Israelis

Trinity College

Experience Israel on an enriching adventure with Shorashim. Get the most out of your 10 days by traveling with Israelis & other students from Trinity College!

This classic trip is customized for you! Now is the time to take this immersive journey & discover the land, history, culture, food, scenes, sites, cities, & so much more on this experience with Shorashim & JNF!

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Why This is the Shorashim Trip for you

"My experience with Shorashim was second to none. I feel extraordinarily lucky to have been part of a group of people that I now think of as my family. Having the Israelis on our trip made the experience even more meaningful. We really were able to connect to the land and it’s people in an incredibly personal way." 

Jared I

Upcoming Dates

This trip is not running in this round, but start your application to get on the list for future trips.