Birthright Israel Trip - Trekking I Shorashim

Ultimate Trekking Adventure

Ultimate Trekking Adventure Birthright Israel Trip Options Polaroid Collage

For those who live to be outdoors, are always down to go hiking, & are often described as “up for anything”, this adventure is the perfect one for you!

Connect with nature and see Israel from a captivating and unique new perspective with us during the summer seasons!

Conquer Israel’s National Trail as you trek through the alluring landscapes of Israel & explore the wide array of cultures, people, narratives & so much more. Get ready to discover challenging hikes, experience thought-provoking encounters, & connect to the epic adventurer in you on this invigorating journey.

This trip runs exclusively in the summer months.

Trip Dates

  • Sunday, May 26, 2019 to Thursday, June 6, 2019

More About this Adventure:

Being able to bond with ten Israelis, over the course of ten days. helped me to gain a better understanding of [Israel]. also now feel more connected to the land because I am so close to the people."

Rose Greenblatt