Birthright Israel - Chicago 7 Day - Shorashim
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Chicago - 7 Day Experience

Make things as easy as possible: take advantage of your chance to take as little as 4 days off of work & fly from Chicago on the Birthright Israel adventure tailor-made for you! 

Whether you’re overcommitted & overworked or simply want more time to extend your stay abroad, this 7 day journey takes you on the once-in-a-lifetime adventure through Israel with Israelis that you’ve been waiting for, all while catering to your busy schedule. Don't delay - this is your moment.

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Why This is the Shorashim Trip for you

"I learned so much and laughed so hard--it was the experience of a lifetime and I am so grateful! I got so much more out of it than I would have traveling alone because we had our amazing tour [educator] and seven Israelis, who could take the microphone and tell us about how we just passed their base or hometown and what life was like there. It was a sampler platter of Israel and, now, I am itching to go back!"

Amanda F.

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