Golan | Shorashim - Israel with Israelis
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We formed a circle in the airport, chanting and dancing to "achim" and "simcha" which means "brothers" and "happiness." This quickly broke the ice and we were off to the North of Israel! 

All together this experience has been incredibly rewarding whether we are traveling to Tel Aviv by bus or hiking our way down to a natural spring. My only wish is for the days to go by slower! We cant wait to see whats in store for tomorrow! 

Today was a very enjoyable day up in the north of Israel. It is tough to properly describe how amazing this sight was and how in awe our group was of this view. In all, Birthright has been unbelievably fun so far and my only expectation is that it will only get better!

Led by one of our Israeli participants, Ariel, we were taken to the place of his Bar Mitzvah at the sacred synagogue. After the synagogue, Or lead us to Abraham a Michigan born citizen currently residing Tsfat where he paints his mystical arts, inspired by teachings of the Kabbalah. 

We all felt that it is very important that we continue to identify as Jews. This helps to keep the religion alive and allows us to connect with others. I could go on and on about all of the values, but this post would never end!

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