Independence Hall | Shorashim - Israel with Israelis
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Todah for everything Israel, for being out-of this world beautiful, and for being so welcoming and warm.

It was an amazing experience to hear directly from Israelis in the site that this historic event occured.

When Hatikvah flowed triumphantly from the speakers, the emotions were raw and powerful and we rose to our feet as one. Achdout – literally "unity" in Hebrew, but translating to a more powerful sentiment than our word conveys – is a contagion that has infected our whole group. 

We were so lucky to have gotten to speak to someone whose life exemplified the struggles the Jews have faced and the impact these events had on the Israeli people.

There was a wide spectrum of feelings within the group, and after only three days, it really opened my mind and heart to everyone's story and background. Surprisingly, sharing something so intimate made me very comfortable with these 47 people that I just met, and I continue to get to know them better every day. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be on this trip with every wonderful person here, and bond through not only religion, but stories and life experiences. I wouldn't have it any other way!

"There’s so much to write about that it’s almost impossible to know where to start, or how to say it all."

We began our day Sunday at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, one of the most prominent Holocaust museums in the world.

There, our guide led us on the tour that looked at the Holocaust through the victims' perspectives. It was incredibly powerful. 

Afterwards, we made our way over to Tel Aviv, which felt totally different than Jerusalem.

First, we went to Independence Hall, where we learned about Israel's founding.

Next, we explored Yitzhak Rabin Square, asking locals what they remember about the former Prime Minister's assassination and his impact on their lives.

As young 20 somethings, going out with locals and seeing the night life helped us to envision everyday life for young adults in Israel. 

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