Hiking | Shorashim - Israel with Israelis
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Israel is the only country in the world with a rising number of trees and our efforts at planing trees today contributed to that positive statistic, which was very cool!

We rose to the top and floated on the surface of the Dead Sea; rising to the top is a common theme of the day. 

We spent our morning hiking in the Golan Heights, swimming in a freshwater spring, and taking in the beautiful views of the vast desert.

We then trekked up to the bus on a short and sweet climb up broken rocks that served as a natural staircase. It was beautiful.

Day 3 began with everyone up early for another gorgeous hike. Today's adventure was a bit difficult, yet rewarding; Mount Arbel, where in addition to hiking on trails, we heard about the history and stories of the IDF from this place and about the importance of paying attention to heat advisories in Israel. The lesson was well timed - it was extremely hot up there.

This trip has thus far given me a sense of connection to Israel and Judaism that would not be possible without the outstanding staff and participants. I’m eager to take on tomorrow’s adventures.

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