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Bus 506 Climbs Masada

By Tali Weitzman

3:30 am: wake up. 

5:30 am: We rose up the roman ramp on the backside of Masada to catch the sun rising from the horizon over the Dead Sea. The sun transformed from raspberry pink to bright orange, glowing against the thin lining of clouds. The sun lit the paths that maze through the palace like snake tracks on sand. Dust covering these paths hiding years of history: history that is still being discovered today. Here, many centuries ago, lived a king named Hared. The king enjoyed the company of many and offered top notch hospitality. We walked through the luxurious bathhouse which he created for maximum enjoyment. The arch of the ceiling prevented the steam's condensation from falling on the heads of the guests and the water ran to the other side of the bathhouse to be recycled. 

After the amazing tour, we slithered down the snake path for an hour of trekking. A few of us faced our fear of heights today, so that was incredibly exciting. We were all rewarded with breakfast when we arrived back at the guest house where we had stayed the night before. The next stop was the Dead Sea, and this amazing place kept us all afloat-seriously! 10/10 yaas's.

Because the salt content makes the density of the seawater higher than the density of the human body, we rose to the top and floated on the surface of this fascinating water; rising to the top is a common theme of the day. 

We end the day in Jerusalem, where we stopped at Mahane Yehuda market: fresh fruit juice, halvah, baked goods, oh my! And now we relax.

Sending love from Israel. #shorashim506


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