Sunrise | Shorashim - Israel with Israelis
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We rose to the top and floated on the surface of the Dead Sea; rising to the top is a common theme of the day. 

It's hard to go to sleep at a reasonable time when you're having great conversations with great people.

We snapped many photos of the picture perfect view of the sun rising over the Mars looking landscape of the Dead Sea area.

We woke up in the still-dark desert, barely able to make out the shadow of the mountain above us. After a sleepy breakfast, we began to climb the winding Snake Path of Mount Masada. We reached the summit of Masada just in time to watch the sunrise over the Dead Sea, which was an absolutely unforgettable sight. 

We talked about what it's like to actually live in this country that we've all grown to love and face the issues that they do. Many of these issues have to do with serving in the army, which is a part of most Israelis' lives in ways that we can't really imagine, even though we've gotten a pretty good idea of the experience through our new Israeli friends' perspectives.

I cannot thank my group enough for making me feel so comfortable and supported during such a challenging time as this hike up Masada.  Hikes such as these are rough, but it's the end goal that makes it all worth it.

We got up before 4 AM this morning to climb Masada and see the Roman-era fortress and other ruins. The hike to the top was pretty intense, but the view and the exceedingly well-preserved ruins were worth it. 

Not only did I get to watch a breathtaking sunrise, but I felt invincible- like I could conquer anything. 

My day began by waking up at 3:50am in order to watch the beautiful morning sunrise at the top of Mt. Masada. At the top of this amazing mountain, our group explored Masada and learned about the history from this site. We watched as a few of my friends had their bar/bat mitzvah, which was very touching and inspriational! I then went to the Dead Sea where I floated alongside everyone and enjoyed the beautiful salty water.

The view of the sunrise over the mountains and Dead Sea was gorgeous, and it was incredible knowing that we were seeing practically the same view that Jews on Masada had seen thousands of years ago.

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