Masada | Shorashim - Israel with Israelis
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We woke up in the Bedouin tents after a late night filled with laughter and the kind of joy only brought about after bonding near a campfire.

We rose to the top and floated on the surface of the Dead Sea; rising to the top is a common theme of the day. 

It's hard to go to sleep at a reasonable time when you're having great conversations with great people.

We snapped many photos of the picture perfect view of the sun rising over the Mars looking landscape of the Dead Sea area.

Reflecting on the new experiences I had today reminded me of how lucky I am to have received this gift. There is no gift like it anywhere.

There truly is nothing like waking up at 3am for a seriously difficult hike up a mountain for the sunrise. We cheered each other on as we conquered what felt like thousands of winding stairs to reach the ancient fortress of Masada, the site of a famous Jewish rebellion against the Romans. We took a tour and a history lesson before climbing down in the heat of the day.

This was a cyclical moment of reflection as the previous night we watched the moon rise. After hiking up and down Masada we went to the dead Sea to float around . The mud has a rejuvenate quality about it that left out little family glowing! Next we moved on to a bit of a leisurely afternoon shopping and eating in the giant Jerusalem market ! 

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