Jewish Values | Shorashim - Israel with Israelis
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Saturday was a very chill day, which was very much appreciated by most of the group after all of the busy and exciting days we have had so far! We got to sleep in and had an optional breakfast at 9:30am, which was the perfect way to start Shabbat. Our first group activity was at 11 am; Michal (our Israeli trip leader) started the activity by asking us to go around and share our least favorite chore to do. At first we were confused, but played along with her directions. Thank you for a fun morning Michal!

After breakfast, we got together and played the speed dating game to get to know each other. It gave us time to meet each and get to know each person on the trip more individually. During our break before lunch, we all hung out, throwing around a frisbee or football, listening to music and playing with the dogs that were around the kibbutz. Many of us walked around exploring the kibbutz together. Some of us found a small garden with fresh fruit and an avocado tree. We also found a free outdoor gym. It was very cool to explore.

We all felt that it is very important that we continue to identify as Jews. This helps to keep the religion alive and allows us to connect with others. I could go on and on about all of the values, but this post would never end!

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