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Day Two from Bus 506

By Alexis Shanes

Today, because of Shabbat, while having breakfast, we shared the kibbutz dining hall with residents from the kibbutz, which was an interesting cultural experience. We then had the opportunity to learn about the weekly Torah portion and discuss different interpretations and views on the parasha. It was very interesting and I really enjoyed it. After our study, we enjoyed a day of leisure at the kibbutz – some participants napped, while others hung out at the pool or played sports. The pool radio was playing a mix of Israeli and American music, so apparently we have some common musical tastes! :)

After lunch, we had a fascinating activity and discussion about Jewish values. We broke into small groups and were given 20 cards with different Jewish values written on them. We imagined we were creating a new Jewish community and had to pick the top eight most important values for that community. Eventually, each group chose three values and we explained our reasoning to the whole group.

Later in the evening, after an optional tour of the kibbutz, we played an intense name game and participated in an outdoor Havdallah service. When our first Shabbat in Israel came to a close, we celebrated the new week by leaving the Kibbutz for dinner out at a nearby shopping area.


Photo Credit: Header Image-@ryhelder

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