Tel Aviv | Shorashim - Israel with Israelis
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Walking through a dark hall remembering the fallen children of Holocaust, we emerged from the other side to the land of hope that is Israel.

We spent the morning of our third day in the city of Tzfat, a mystical area known for the study of Kabballah. We explored the blue-painted alleys and a synagogue while learning about the history that surrounds this city and its people. We perused Tzfat’s many art galleries and shops and even spent time discussing Kabballah and Jewish mysticism with a local artist. It was beautiful and a really wonderful way to begin our third day.

Todah for everything Israel, for being out-of this world beautiful, and for being so welcoming and warm.

Today we woke up in Jerusalem and drove to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum. The museum was beautiful and so was the view from the museum grounds.

Walking through the museum and listening to the guide was a somewhat surreal and intense experience. The museum was a huge pyramid-like structure filled with what seemed like endless exhibits portraying the vile and evil acts of the Nazis towards the Jews.

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