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Day Three from Bus 506

By Alexis Shanes

We spent the morning of our third day in the city of Tzfat, a mystical area known for the study of Kabballah. We explored the blue-painted alleys and a synagogue while learning about the history that surrounds this city and its people. We perused Tzfat’s many art galleries and shops and even spent time discussing Kabballah and Jewish mysticism with a local artist. It was beautiful and a really wonderful way to begin our third day.

Most of the participants napped during our two-hour bus ride from Tzfat to Tel Aviv, which was smart, because upon arriving in the city, we went straight to Jerusalem Beach. Not only was the beach a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the amazing weather, but it was also an opportunity to observe the culture of the hundreds of locals who were spending time by the water.

Our day didn’t end with the beach outing! After dinner at our hotel, Sea Net, we were treated to a private concert with Udi Krauss, an Israeli rock musician. Mr. Krauss didn’t just play songs – he involved us in them and expanded our Hebrew vocabularies along the way. It was so much fun.

Finally, everyone enjoyed a night out to participate in the nightlife for which Tel Aviv is famous.

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