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Today was full of things old and new

By Caitlyn Solomon

Today was full of things old and new. We started our day going to the Birthright Entrepreneurship Center. Learning how we could associate Silicon Valley with Israel was a pretty amazing thing, and visiting this Center was such a cool way to make this kind of association. Living in a big city in the US, I use the app "Waze" all the time; not sure if you all knew this, but it was created in Israel! Pretty crazy huh?!

After learning and experiencing so much technology at the Entrepreneurship Center, we went shopping at Shuk ha'Carmel to get our shopping on and to just enjoy the atmosphere. We ate lots of great food too; I had some of the best shakshuka I have ever had! We also went to learn about the creation of the State of Israel. 

Our group travelled to Rabin square, which was the location of Rabin's assasination. We were split into groups and asked people on the street if they remember where they where when it happened. I had the pleasure of talking to an older couple who were able to talk about exactly what they were doing and how they felt in that historic moment. The entire thing was televised and they not only saw the assassination but also the after math. It was very powerful.

This experience really got me thinking about 9/11. As your reading this, I bet you can even remember what you were doing the moment you found out about 9/11 in the US. When talking to the couple, they talked to us about how the vibe changed drastically within minutes, just as it did in New York and all over the states. 

We ended the night on the high note of listening to Udi Krauss and spending the evening enjoying the night life of Tel Aviv.

Photo Credit: @xxostaceyoxx

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