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Birthday & Shabbat!

Samantha Langsworth

I was lucky enough to have my birthday fall on Shabbat this year and to also be with my Birthright group #Bus874! Before this trip, I didn't really know where I stood personally with my religion.

The entire day was filled with amazing places and opportunities that I almost forgot existed. Going to Jerusalem and getting to be in the old city was amazing and the western wall was a surreal experience. I didn't think it would be as emotional for me as it was. I just kept telling myself how lucky and grateful I should be to have all this happen to me on my 24th birthday. It overall was a spiritual day for me and made me feel close to my heritage.

As our group settled in to welcome the Shabbat at the end of the day, there was such a sense of community within our group from singing together, prayers, dinner, and evening activity. I felt at home even though I was in a different country. I felt comfortable with people I had just met only five days ago. I felt at ease with myself and everyone on #Bus874 was a part of that feeling, and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

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