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Hiking & More - Tzvat A Great Day!

By Phillip Goldberg

Today, we went on a hike on Mt. Arbel and saw the most incredible view of the countryside, while climbing down the rocks was definitely a tough challenge for the majority of the group, we managed to traverse down the hill, and the few brave souls of the group ascended up to an ancient structure built into the mountain. Then, after going to the gas station (and getting some help from my Isreali friend Livnah to get the Aloe Vera Water and Chocolate-filled Mambo, where I learned that Aloe Vera is edible and can be put in a very good drink that tastes EXACTLY like grape!), we went to the artist community of Zfat.

Upon arriving to Zfat, we met Avraham who made Aliyah to Israel 25 years ago and taught us about the basics of Kabbalah and how it profoundly affected his sense of Judaism and sense of being, and we looked at some of the art pieces he had made inspired by his faith. We had some to explore Zfat,and I swear the people of Zfat must have some strong calfs because we climbed at least 300 steps throughout that entire afternoon, apparently lifts are only for the weak xD !

For lunch, was going to get shawarma in a pita, but the woman suggested that I upgraded to a Shwarma Laffa, which was definitely the power move in Zfat after all those steps. The Mediterranean diet is so underrated.

My favorite part of the day was seeing Israeli children going on a field trip by climbing down Mt. Arbel. In the US, our field trips were mostly restricted to museum field trips were being sedentary was usually a given, but here, the kids are given an ability to pursue at active lifestyle, which research shows that it is equally as important as classroom time! I also loved talking with them because they were so excited to meet American kids like us on Birthright.

Tomorrow, as part of a partnership with the Jewish community in Nashville, we are going to Hadera to do a program with their schools, which I am super excited to be given the opportunity to interact with them!

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