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See you soon, Israel!

By Alexis Shanes

Today might have been our final day in Israel, but it was still packed with activities and opportunities to make memories. After breakfast, we met with a Shorashim representative and learned about ways to refer friends to travel on Birthright Israel with Shorashim and win a trip back to Tel Aviv. We also collected Shorashim magnets made with our Instagram photos, which represent just some of the wonderful memories we made during this trip.

Next we traveled to Mount Herzl. We toured the old and new IDF cemeteries, as well as the burial site of Israel’s greatest leaders, and learned the stories of the incredibly brave men and women memorialized there. Our Israeli peers shared personal stories of loss in the IDF, opening our eyes to their reality and increasing our appreciation of their dedication and service to their country. The experience was extraordinarily moving and will no doubt stay with us for the rest of our lives.

After singing Hatikva and paying our respects at Herzl’s grave, we traveled to Ben Yehuda Street for a second time for lunch and last-minute souvenir shopping. The area is a vibrant mix of locals and tourists, all enjoying the lovely weather. As I write, we are spending a few more hours at the Caesar Hotel, participating in wrap-up discussions and games.

Many of us are flying back to the U.S. tonight, while others are extending their trip for a few days. Regardless of the paths we take after tonight, we’ve all had an incredible time in this gorgeous country. See you soon, Israel!


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