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From Yad Vashem to the Bedouin Tents

By Elysa, Rachel, Ezra, Ben

Today we started our day at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem. It was a very sad yet touching experience. Our tour guide led us through the museum and taught us about the history leading up to the holocaust, events that occurred during it, and what happened after. One of the most impactful exhibits was the Children's Memorial.

After the museum, we visited a local Jerusalem market for lunch and then headed south to the desert where we visited the JNF indoor playground. This playground is located in Sderot, which is a city near the Gaza strip. The playground is unique because it serves as a place for local children to play but simultaneously acts as a safe haven from the threats happening outside.

After visiting the playground, we headed over to Kfar Hanokdim to ride camels and learn about Bedouins in the desert! The Bedouin hospitality included tea, coffee, and an amazing feast.

After dinner we broke out into groups for different workshops including drum circles, yoga in the desert, and stargazing. After these workshops, there was a great party with dancing and live Israeli music. Then it was time for bed in the Bedouin tents, which was such a fun experience!


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