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Day Four

Hi, my name is Bellamy and I'm the lucky winner of the tablet for day four of our trip. This morning, we woke up tired from our night out in Tel Aviv, but excited about our new adventures that awaited us in Jerusalem. After our usual "40 minute bus ride", we arrived in Jerusalem and went straight to our first activity, a meeting with Leonard Sherman. Leonard is a big supporter of Taglit-Birthright Israels trips and is a large donor that helps ensure that these opportunities are possible.

One of the reoccurring values that I've connected to on this trip is the concept of giving and receiving. All of us on this trip have received an amazing gift, given to us by very generous donors like Leonard. At first glance, it seemed like we were the only ones receiving in this situation, but Leonard made it very clear that our presence and this opportunity brought him a lot of joy and happiness. These Taglit-Birthright Israel trips represent the survival of the Jewish people and almost every single person that we've come into contact with has expressed this same idea to us.

After our discussion with Leonard we went to the Jewish Quarter in the Old City to visit the Western Wall. This area of Jerusalem is such an important place not only to Jews, but also to Christians and Muslims. It was amazing to be in a place that means so much to so many people. We got to put our own notes in the Western Wall and participate in a tradition that many people can only dream of. It was a memorable day and a great experience.

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