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First Impressions of Jerusalem

Words cannot describe the way a person feels when they step foot into the old city of Jerusalem for the first time. The city is so old that it almost doesn't look real. There are so many different types of people around, orthdox jews, muslims, tourists, etc. The farther you walk the more amazing it gets. There are so many places that have been around since biblical times. We went to what looked like an underpass but was really what used to be the main street during the Roman occupation. There were pillars and cobblestones that were 2000 years old. Stepping on them makes you wish that you had the ability to see what things were like back then. Like a brief glimpse of what it was. But nothing is more amazing than the Western Wall. I walked down with my note and there were so many different kinds of women there. It didn't really matter that I wasn't that religious, all that mattered was me, my note, and the wall. I found a spot, put it in, and backed up slowly. After, I felt a kind of peace that only comes from a very spiritual experience. Jerusalem was absolutely beautiful and I know one day I will go back to the old city.