Sunrise at Masada | Shorashim - Israel with Israelis
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Sunrise at Masada

By Alison Goldblatt

Today was a really special day in Israel.

We woke before dawn in the Bedouin tents of Taglit Village in the Negev to travel to Mount Masada. There, we hiked to the top in time to watch the sunrise over the desert. It was a truly spectacular view that I will never forget. Shany told us about the history of the Jewish people on Masada as we stood where they once did. This visit to Masada was especially meaningful for me because I was able to have my naming ceremony there with my new friends. Everyone shared the importance of their own names and I chose my Hebrew name. And this was just the start of the day!

After returning from Masada we rode camels together through the desert. We laughed and sang and enjoyed this truly unique experience. Definitely wouldn't mind a camel commute to work every day. Next, we traveled to the Dead Sea where we put on mineral mud and and experienced the amazing buoyancy of the water! We floated and soaked in the sun and left feeling refreshed with some seriously smooth skin.

After the Dead Sea, we drove to the kibbutz where we were spending the night. The Israelis led us in some funny activities and we discussed the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That capped off an eventful and tiring day!

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