That's it! | Shorashim - Israel with Israelis

That's it!

Well, our trip is over. We just finished our closing ceremony, and talked about what we would take away from our amazing experience here in Israel. We're finishing up dinner and about to head to the airport. Brian just walked down with our t-shirts, and Ravit and Yael just left to go home to Kiryat Gat. Some are extending their trip for a bit to explore the Holy Land a bit more. The rest of us are headed to Chicago, with the exception of Matt who will be headed down to Boston, Amy who is moving to NYC, Courtney who is out in Texas, and Ian Y. who travels west for a wedding before going back to Ohio. We're excited for Sloan to move to Chicago in another 10 days and hope that Jonathan J. will be in Chicago and not Atlanta next year when he starts law school.  We are excited to have most of our community back together to continue our journey together back home in Chicago, exploring and developing our Jewish identities and connections to Israel and one another. There may be another post or two here, especially with a link to a shutterfly website where the rest of our pictures can be found. Thank you for following us along our incredible journey. Make sure to give all of our participants a few days to catch up on sleep and get used to the lack of hummus. Our trip has been great, and we're sad to leave, even if we are excited to get back home to family and friends. Jonathan S. summed up our conclusion perfectly - "I got places to be, bro." L'hitraot, Bus 153