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Fun day in the sun; yay!

By Theodor E. Kandel & Benjamin J. Farhi
What did you do today? 
Hike and swim in a waterfall! We also went to the mount bental lookout, had lunch, and went rafting on the river Jordan.
What was your favorite part of the day and why? 
Hiking and swimming was my favorite part of today; the water was cold, but refreshing. It was such a blast!
What's something new that you learned or something that you tried for the first time? 
The geopolitical relations of this region through the Israeli lens is drastically different than anything portrayed to us through means of academia or social media. It was very interesting and eye-opening to learn about this!
What was the best thing you ate today and where did you get it? 
Shwarma, it was very tasty; a mishmash of tastes and spices: delectable!
What are you looking forward to tomorrow?
Tomorrow we are most looking forward to immersing ourselves in the rich, storied and mystical tales of the great Kaballah center of the land of milk and honey. :)
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