One Short Day in the Golden City | Shorashim - Israel with Israelis
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One Short Day in the Golden City

Deborah Steinberg

Our morning began at Yad Vashem
The national holocaust museum in Jerusalem

A curving path in the triangular hall
Represented the confusion and chaos of it all

The shoes, the necklace and children were especially hard
Even those of us who had been there before did not leave unscarred

We escape the museum to see Israel under the glittering sun
To remind us that we’ll always have this home now that the war is done

We sat outside in smaller groups
Discussing our experiences with our Israeli troops

It was sad to reflect on those that we’ve lost
But it reminded us to live, whatever the cost

Away we drove, emotionally drained
To surf in tel aviv where we were physically strained

We were taught by a group who works with at risk children
Using waves as metaphors, as pride and strength filled them

Some of us managed to get up on the boards
The rest of us happily ate Popsicles in hoards

We got an evening out in Tel Aviv
It was only two hours, but still a nice reprieve

The day was long but well worth the pains
And I think I’ve finally learned everyone’s names

To everyone who reads this, especially my family
I miss you and love you and wish you could be here with me

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