Day 4-Tel Aviv | Shorashim - Israel with Israelis
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Day 4-Tel Aviv

Elianna Wasser

Three days in the north of hiking sweating and being kibbutzniks, left us exhausted as we headed off to Tel Aviv. After a quick pitstop for ice cafe and and snacks, we made it to Yafo to get a view of the city we all have been waiting to experience. The blue sky and crystal clear water was beautiful to see from the top of the grassy hill and we all stood taking it in --- and then got sprayed by the sprinkler systems and ran like crazy. Some selfies and group pics later, we hopped back on the bus to head to Shuk Carmel for lunch and shopping. All around is was the busy outdoor market place where we got gummies, knafe, and souvenirs galore, weaving in and out amongst those doing their grocery shopping.

Next stop was Rabin Square where we learned about what shook up Israel on the quest for peace . Then, what we were all waiting for, heading to the beach! We tanned, swam in the Mediterranean, and fixed our hiking tan lines on the sand. A few hours later, we all got dressed up for a night out in the party capital of the country and got to "pregame"  by listening to Udi Krauss.

After the show, we headed out to Ben Yehuda street and took advantage of the night life, bar hopped and got some late night snacks. At midnight, we sang happy birthday to Sam L in the streets causing a scene in the best way . Tomorrow, we head out to Jerusalem, and we all are looking forward to some STRONG coffee.

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