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From Tel Aviv to Bedouin Tents: The Israel Adventure Continues

David Kanter

Though the group had to shake off Tel Aviv-induced grogginess getting the day started, Monday was a jam-packed day of activity and learning for the group.

The day started with a trip to Independence Hall for an abbreviated, but fascinating overview of the foundation of the Israeli state. Our tour guide was very engaging, and most in the group seemed to learn something new -- whether it was a history buff adding a new wrinkle to extensive background knowledge or an Israeli neophyte learning names and dates for the first time.

The group then piled onto the bus and stayed there for the rest of its stay in Tel Aviv due to oppressive heat. Shira -- our kind, fearless, and erudite leader -- gave a tremendous history of Rabin Square, providing the roots for a very passionate but respectful conversation the following night concerning the contemporary political situation in

Moving on from the bustling streets of Tel Aviv, the group benefitted from Slava's graceful driving as we headed south. The group took in magical vistas and the incredible personal history of Israel's first and only astronaut at Ramon Crater before heading out to the Bedouin encampment.

The night spent in the trend involved a basic, albeit very interesting, explanation of Bedouin norms and customs, followed by a delicious feast of meat, rice, pita, and spreads. Following dinner,our Israeli hosts and friends out together a fun competition, testing the knowledge we have accrued over our short journey.

The night ended with quiet reflection as we looked up at the stars high above the desert. As we dozed off in our big tent, we were exhausted from another action-packed day but excited for new adventures still to come.

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